I was having one of those days; you know when it’s hard to concentrate and really don’t want to work! So I took a moment to read through some marketing emails that I had not opened. There was one that caught my attention, the title “Always remember- you started your business because you love what you do”. It captured my attention because it got me thinking about the reason why I started my business was it really love? Well, nope that was not the reason my first business was started basically I was forced into because as an employee of a corporation I had a horrible working environment that it physically made me sick.  So I quit that job and became a part-time consultant. It was that first consulting job that paid me enough to purchase a computer; from there I began to build my business. My background in the financial industry and management provided the expertise to start a mobile management outsourcing service, which provided from bookkeeping all the way to business development and employee training services. The services I provided were the ones that come easy to me and I enjoyed doing. I was not in love with the bookkeeping; however, I do enjoy numbers especially when they are in my checking account. LOL!!!

Today, I am in love with my entrepreneurship journey, I learned that there are many roles an entrepreneur can have and at times focus can be lost. This path has been a time in which I have been building, designing, supporting, mentoring, and creating, and more things because my role changed as I grew my business and progressed through life. I guess it is part of the transformation I believe that all humans go through, some sooner than others. We discover who we really are and what values are most important to us. Entrepreneurship has been a journey of real discovery of myself and my full potential! It is non-stop creativity that drives me and gets me going every day. It is non-stop thinking of new ways of creating solutions or ideas to better people’s businesses and lives. It is creating those ideas that will help provide opportunities for others and the desire to continue to be adaptable in a highly challenging field. Entrepreneurship is not easy, but if you stay focus it is very rewarding!!!  I’m curious to know why did you start your business? Has your entrepreneurship journey been challenging?

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