I believe that Business is a fundamental tool for meeting economic needs- both personally & societally. Yet, business can be so much more than that... you can make your business a catalyst that promotes economic, social and environmental progress in your community.

Reasons why I founded Green Hive:

1.    Interaction with others inspires me

2.    To make office space  affordable for the solopreneur

3.    For a small business to establish a presence in a new location

4.    Not everyone can or likes working  from home

5.    Some entrepreneurs don’t need a full time space

6.    It is our responsibility to transform the way business is typically done

7.    Learning is an ongoing process

8.    I’m passionate of People, Planet & Profit

9.    It is encouraging,  empowering and gratifying to be a catalyst for change

10.   It’s about working, learning, connecting and growing your socially responsible business!

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