The 4 Pillars of Green Hive Spaces



Co-working is built on a foundation of an interpersonal environment. Our spaces were designed with the vision of fostering healthy, productive communication and collaboration in mind. This being said, part of building a seamless working community is understanding that people work very differently. We provide a level flexibility that is supportive to the collaborative worker, the solitary worker, and everything in between to maintain a healthy ecosystem within our space.


We understand that starting a business is expensive. One of the largest startup expenses is an office space or physical location— between rent, utilities, and office supplies, spaces can be costly! We create solutions for small businesses and startups operating on a smaller budget, that offer everything they need from a physical location with flexible plans at a fraction of the cost.


One third of our members use public transit and biking as a way to reach our venue. We are strategically located near the SF Bay Ferry which travels to San Francisco, as well as SolTrans, a bus that has connections leading all throughout the Bay Area. One of our primary goals is to guarantee that members at Green Hive Spaces will be able to access our facilities by any means of transit they choose.


At Green Hive Spaces, we don’t believe our commitment is just to our members. We have a commitment to uplift and vitalize every community that we belong to. We believe in the strength of togetherness and push to create job opportunities, engaging events, and charitable contributions within the communities we are established in. 

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Green Hive Spaces

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